Hair Extensions, Bristol

Hair extension methods

To guarantee the most natural looking hair

Double drawn

This is a guarantee of quality and is the best hair available. Double drawn hair means that shorter strands are removed. Hand selected to guarantee perfection.

Remy – The natural direction of re-growth is maintained throughout our range of human hair. If the cuticle layer on the hair runs in the opposite direction it would have an effect similar to back coming when the hair is brushed so this feature of our hair extensions is vitally important.


Using our own Protein moisture injection treatment: this process finely coats the hair strand with a blend of micro polymers to render the hair super smooth. It gives the hair additional protection through over a 100 shampoos to ensure it stays in optimum condition.

The bond is kind to hair during application and equally gentle on removal. Easy to apply and maintain, the bonds remain unaffected by daily styling. Not only is the bonding designed for easy application, it is designed for easy removal that in no way will it damage your own hair.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a wonderful way to experiment with changing the length and volume of your natural hair. We offer a wide range of colours and lengths at affordable prices. The latest range we offer is the new and exciting Halo ! Easy to fit and extra volume and length in seconds! Included in all clip in/ Halo prices is a complimentary fitting service.

Prices start from £89.99 for our deluxe range.

Innovation at its best, this unique system requires no heat, bonding materials or chemical treatments. It is kind to the hair and lasts for at least 3 months with the option to re use the hair on second application. A cost effective way of wearing beautiful quality extensions!

Prices start from £340 (half head) £670(full head) prices inc 3 months maintenance and full product pack.

Pre bonded stick hair

Truly stunning silky straight 100% human hair, pre bonded with keratin for easy removal. Each strand of extension is bonded with highest quality keratin. Keratin is the safest natural bonding agent available. It can be removed from your hair so easily without causing any damage to your natural hair. Stick Tipped Keratin hair is applied by using Shrinkies and Micro rings.