Perms, Winscombe, Somerset


A perm offers versatility in styling so whether you want loose, natural tresses or a sophisticated swept-back look, you can change the way you wear your curls to suit any occasion. Perms are bouncing back into fashion, and with advanced techniques and procedures they can give you lusciously loose curls without damaging your hair.

Acid Wave

These are milder than alkaline perms and work at a lower pH to reduce swelling of the hair during the perm process thus-reducing the chance of damage to fragile and colour treated hair. A good choice for healthy hair with good elasticity, tinted hair, damaged hair, highlighted hair, or fragile hair. Ideal for clients who want extra curl support and who frequently shampoo and style, and want easy to maintain air-dry styles. Extra Body formula for normal/resistant, fine/limp.

Brazilian Bow Dry

If you dream of soft manageable hair, the Nanokeratin Brazilian Blow dry could be just what you have been waiting for. The miracle treatment not only smoothes and straightens, to save you styling time but it is specially formulated to rebuild weakened hair. Its replenishing Nanokeratin particles penetrate deep into every hair cuticle to condition, lock in colour and leave you with hair that feels nourished, shiny and soft for up to 14 weeks.